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  Who We Are  

A Bridge Solution is a database design and development company focused on FileMaker Pro, MS Access software as well as web-enabled solutions. We've been in business for 18+ years and and within the last few years, moved our business from Baltimore to Nashville. We pride ourselves in our technical skills as well as our outstanding customer service, professionalism and responsiveness.

  What We Do  
  We build solutions from the ground up and make modifications to existing FileMaker Pro databases to add functionality, improve performance, publish to the Web and convert from older versions to FileMaker Pro's newest file type. We can also provide an onsite FileMaker Systems Audit to analyze and assess your current FileMaker applications and make written recommendations on improvements.  

FileMaker Systems Audit

The information in your database is one of your organization's most valuable assets. That's why it's crucial to ensure that your FileMaker Pro applications are optimized for maximum performance and reliability. Is your data as secure as it should be? Are your users slowed by productivity bottlenecks? Are you missing important benefits to be gained from integration with other systems? And what about FileMaker Pro's newest version… is it right for you? A Bridge Solution can provide the answers.


Our FileMaker Pro Systems Audit will help you gain the most from your FileMaker applications. This cost-effective, comprehensive service provides a technical system analysis including interviews with key personnel to better understand your organization's needs. An expert FileMaker consultant from A Bridge Solution comes right to your site to review your systems, covering important areas such as

  • Data integrity

  • Server deployment

  • System security

  • Application integration

  • Workflow efficiency

  • Usability

  • Upgrading to FileMaker Pro's latest version

7-Point technical analysis

Our onsite audit package includes a comprehensive, 7-point diagnosis and analysis of your FileMaker system, focused on the key components of your database implementation:

  • System security

  • Programming quality and integrity

  • User interface and interaction

  • Deployment practices

  • Data modeling/structures

  • Web publishing/integration

  • FileMaker Server configuration

Thorough business analysis

We not only conduct a detailed technical examination, but also a business and workflow productivity review designed to improve the overall efficiency and satisfaction of your users. We will:

  • Interview managers, developers and users to determine their specific business objectives

  • Review your organization's workflow to identify potential application bottlenecks

  • Determine the effectiveness of your FileMaker application in supporting your users' needs

  • Review strategies for integration with other applications

  • Match your business requirements against the new features in FileMaker Pro 9 to determine the benefits of upgrading

Valuable and actionable audit report

Once your audit is complete, A Bridge Solution delivers a comprehensive written report, detailing specific areas to improve your system including a prioritized list of action items. And we will review the findings of the report with a follow-up consultation to ensure clarity and answer your questions.

Upgrading To FileMaker Pro's latest version?

If you're intrigued by the many new features that FileMaker Pro's latest version offers, and you are using a version of FileMaker Pro prior to 12, upgrading might be a significant undertaking. Evaluating your existing systems is the first step to insuring a smooth migration. In past versions, a straight drag and drop conversion was often all that was necessary. But taking advantage of the dramatic architectural and functional improvements since FileMaker Pro 6 will require special attention and smart planning.

A Bridge Solution onsite FileMaker Systems Audit package will help you develop a solid conversion and migration plan to gain the most benefit from upgrading to FileMaker Pro's latest version.


  • Improve user productivity

  • Increase your systems' overall effectiveness

  • Prevent costly crashes/repairs

  • Identify potential security issues

  • Make an informed decision on upgrading to FileMaker Pro's latest version and minimize disruption should you choose to upgrade.

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